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“Chnaris Hotel Management, Development & Consulting S.A.”, always keeping up with the technological development of our days and targeting to the best possible results as far as the promotion strategies, is one of those companies who really look into the necessity of the On line Reputation Management (ORM) of each one of its hotels – cooperators.

  “Chnaris Hotel Management, Development & Consulting S.A.” does not omit to point out that nowadays the most important policy in increasing the hotel’s brand awareness as well as their commercial value is by following special promotion procedures leading to the sales thus the profits increase. On line Reputation Management involves this kind of procedures which the professional team of   “Chnaris Hotel Management, Development & Consulting S.A.” fully undertakes by monitoring each hotel’s held place among the search engines results, improving the tagging and the search engine optimization, creating, improving or publishing websites and social media profiles, managing the image reputation by uploading photos and promotional material, measuring the hotel’s google rank as well as responding to all positive contents by also kindly suppressing any negative feedback.

That way   “Chnaris Hotel Management, Development & Consulting S.A.” ensures that every one of its hotels – cooperators very soon becomes internationally recognized through this perfectly handled management, influencing all possible online information. The control of the hotel’s On line reputation creates a true and accurate reflection of the hotel, attracting new customers by taking advantage of the customers’ positive reviews or even keeping having customers – repeaters.

We should not forget that nowadays, more than ever, people search on the internet to find what they think will be ideal for them, thus a powerful online presence not only will benefit the hotel but it will contribute to its improving its internet image. ON Line Reputation has more and more power and “Chnaris Hotel Management, Development & Consulting S.A.” recognizes that and helps its hotels- cooperators to manage with it properly as well as successfully.

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